How to be a Good Member of a Fundamental Baptist Church

There is always a shortage of good Church members. Sure there may be a lot of people who show up when the doors open. Especially on Sunday mornings for preaching. Most of these people are just pew warmers. True it is better to have them than an empty pew, but when the going gets tough, these people cannot be counted on.
They do not give enough in their offerings to pay their way to have a Church in the first place. I think they think that somehow God sends down a paycheck to the preacher each week with which to keep the utilities payed etc.
They are not an encouragement to the preacher. They do not give him any assurance that he is any help to their individual or familial lives. By just showing up on Sunday mornings, they indicate that they are only coming out of some sort of obligation or self appeasement. Visitors who are inspecting the Church become a bit apprehensive when they see the disparity between the Sunday morning crowd as compared to the Sunday night crowd.
A Church member can be rated for faithfulness by what it takes to make him or her miss Church.

A good Church member has Jesus Christ as Lord of his or her life. They know that Church is the pillar and ground of the truth. They know that they are more likely to grow spiritually by attending Church services. They know that they will be better prepared to reach their friends and neighbors by being faithful to all services of Church. They know that their fellowship with the Lord is less likely to be broken, if they are faithful to attend Church weekends and midweek. They know that they will be better prepared to to face the world, the flesh and the devil if they have been faithful to Church services all week.

A good Church member who is in every service possible, is more likely to see the spiritual, physical and financial needs of his or her Church. They witness God's blessings upon those who volunteer to take the mundane tasks that are necessary to be taken in any Church. Somebody must be available to watch the babies in the nursery. Somebody must be available to drive the Church bus or van. Somebody must be available to teach the Sunday School Classes. God commands every believer to study his Word. God calls individuals who are studying their Bibles into the ministry of teaching. A teacher, not only teaches with words, but also with their life. A person who is not faithful to attend all services of Church, does not qualify to be a Sunday School teacher. A person who does not have a clean and clear testimony for Jesus Christ does not qualify to be a Sunday School teacher.

A good Church member is a born again believer who believes the Bible and the Pastor of his or her Church. He should not be in a Church where the Pastor and the Bible disagree! A good Church member should be loyal to Christ and His Church. If Christ is not the head of that Church then you shouldn't be a member of it anyhow.
A good Church member should be willing to be what God wishes and commands him to be. His Church should expect no less and no more. A good Church member should not compare what he or she is to do by what others are doing. A good Church member should not be discouraged from doing what God says if nobody else is doing it either. A good Church member should always do what he or she does for the Lord first.
A good Church member should always be prepared to give a reason for what she or he believes.
Remember those who follow best make the best leaders!

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