What about the Ordination of a Preacher

  The closest Bible example for the Ordination of a Preacher is found in Acts 13, where Paul and Barnabus were sent out by the Church at Antioch. There are several referrals to the "laying on of hands." Outside of these, we have to look to history and tradition as to the process of the ordination of a preacher.
  Obviously the candidate is the first person to initiate the prospect or desire of ordination. He will approach his senior or sending pastor with the desire to be ordained. If he has already taken the Pastorate of a Church, then he should approach the men of his Church who have responsibility and leadership in the Church. It is not wise for someone else to instigate an ordination, regardless of relationship.
  The candidate along with these men will set a date for the occasion. Currently, Saturday afternoons are convenient for all concerned. There will necessarily need to be a counsel of ordained pastors or preachers called to be the Ordination Council. One of the called Council will act as the moderator of the service. He will set the order of the service.
  The Council should meet with the candidate an hour or so before the public service. This will give them time to interrogate the candidate as to his doctrinal stand, his ministerial philosophy, and his character as a potential Pastor. These men should take seriously this session and do their job right. This satisfies all concerned as to the ability and strength of the candidate, and actually encourages the candidate to know that he has been thouroughly drilled and ultimately accepted by his peers.
  After the Council has met privately for at least an hour, then they will enter into the called assembly of the Ordaining Church. In the public assembly, the candidate should be asked to define his belief and stand on the major doctrines of the Word of God. His answers should be from the heart and he should be allowed to be transparent in his responses. His family should then be introduced to the Council. It is wise to query the wife as to her desire to follow her husband into this matter, but there should be no false impression given that she is also being ordained. The Christian world is totally confused in this matter by well meaning Councils.
  The moderator will then question the Church as to their desire to continue with the ordination. A responsible leading gentleman of the Church should then stand and make a motion that the Church ordain the candidate. After a second to the motion and a vote the service will continue. The speaker will be introduced who will bring a charge to the candidate, his family and the Church. The speaker should be conscious of the seriousness of the message. Again, there are many preachers who are entering the ministry who have no call of God. They only have some internal drive to influence their world from a pulpit!
  After the message, the moderator will call the candidate to the area in front of the pulpit. He will be asked to kneel. The Council will be called forth to lay their hands upon the candidate and one by one offer encouragement or prayer for the candidate.
  The service is dismissed by having the candidate and his family stand at the front of the Church to abide a receiving line of the attendees of his ordination. The moderator or Church will procure the ordination form which is filled out and signed by the ordaining council. This Certificate is then presented to the Ordained preacher.

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