Does the Man of God still exist?

2 Kings 4:9 And she said unto her husband, Behold now, I perceive that this is an holy man of God, which passeth by us continually.

The term "Man of God" was first used with Moses in the book of Exodus. This title was given to him because he was obviously in touch with God and that God had chosen to use him in carrying out his plans with the Hebrew children. The term "Man of God" is used frequently in the books of Kings and Chronicles, with Elijah and Elisha being often referred to by the term.
  It would seem that the person who is called a man of God is a man who has a personal relationship with God. Generally we have some record with he and God in conversation. Usually this man is on a mission or at least on call for special duty for God. God occasionally manifests his power through the man. The most common purpose for the man of God is delivering messages from God to man or men, cities or nations. The messages ordinarily are instructions, but sometimes they are urgent warnings. God usually chooses one man to cover a particular territory or a particular subject. He credentials his man with obvious gifts, some of which were supernatural in the Old Testament. He says that the ones that he calls will be sufficiently endowed to reveal his annointing.
  The only time that the term, "man of God" is used in the New Testament is in reference to Timothy. Paul is the user of the term about his protege. Since the term is used in the New Testament and especially since it is used for a 2nd generation preacher, gives evidence that the term can and must still be applied to certain men. Then, also the term must be applied only to those who qualify. Even though the Bible calls individuals into salvation, sanctification, justification, and predestination and refers to them as people of God. This is not enough to qualify all of these as men of God. Just because a person may be a fervant Christian obeying the commission with the Gospel does not qualify him as the man of God The term is still restricted to a man who is under a special commission of God and evidences the authority of God's call. I need to state right here that, a man may exert or try to exert authority, but that may not be the authority of God. There is a distinct difference. God retains his authority through the ministry of the man of God. Some men try to share or assume that authority. "Ye shall receive power...", was evidenced by Paul when he referred to us as ambassadors.
  I believe it is necessary right here to further describe a man of God according to the Bible. Each of those men who were so titled in the Bible were ordinary men. They had no supernatural or superspiritual abilities in themselves. They did love the Lord; they did yield to whatever the Lord wanted them to say or do. Their lives evidenced that they walked with God. They evidenced that God was satisfied with their lives. Again we must look at Moses, the prophets and Timothy.

  Alright, since it is evident that God still calls men to be, "men of God", doesn't that behoove us to be alert to the presence of such a man. To be able to recognize him when he comes into our lives. And once we have established him in our minds and hearts to be a man of God, we should then be ready to hear what he says and watch what he does. God doesn't audibly speak to us today, but he has assured us that the Book that we call his book is God's absolute word. Still, God calls men to be his representatives, especially in his Church. He bestows upon them an undeniable calling. He gives them an office that has responsibilities. He leads them in the leadership of his Church. He proves that they are sent by Him.

  It is evident that many people in today's world does not respect the man of God. After all they didn't respect Jesus or the Apostle Paul either. There are a couple of verses in Hebrews, however that caution believers within a Church to obey the man of God. If he is responsible for your soul, then it is pretty certain that God has given him authority to relay God's will and command to you. It would be wise to pay attention to what the man of God is saying. It would be wise to follow where he leads in Christ. Because some of the judgement of Jesus Christ will depend upon how we responded to the message of the man of God.
  The man who is in position to be the man of God, must draw his credentials and ministry from the true Word of God. He has no right to privately interpret the Word of God anymore than you do. If he misinterprets the Word of God then he is a false prophet. If he interprets the Word of God correctly, then we have no choice but to do and be what God says to be and do.

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