Keepers of the Bag

When Christ walked on the face of the earth with those disciples who followed Him, it was necessary for a follower to be responsible for the money that would be necessary to take care of the physical needs of the group. 

From the earliest records of Church structure, there has always been an office within that structure in which a person was designated to take care of and to keep records of the financial funds of that church.It Generally there is a treasurer of the entire financial base, and normally others who are appointed by the church that may be responsible for specially designated funds. 

It is important that some basic guidelines for church treasurers be set. The Bible does not give any particulars regarding treasurers so it is up to the local congregation to put in writing as part of its by-laws what it expects of its treasurer. Those expectations are enumerated here. 

The treasurer must be an active member of the church. Obviously he cannot be dependable if he is not present.
The treasurer must be a financial supporter of the church. The treasurer should be a tither.

The treasurer should be financially stable in his own personal finances. Questions would not fail if he were not self responsible.

The treasurer should have ability to record and keep records of the financial transactions of the church.

The treasurer should not have control of church funds except those delegated him by the church.

The treasurer will be required to report regularly on the financial transactons of the church.

The treasurer will collect all offerings and income into the church depositing those funds into acceptable financial institutions.

The treasurer shall be responsible to distrubute funds as designated by the church in a timely manner.

The treasurer shall not have sole authority on the distribution of funds.

As any other staff member of a church the treasurer must work with the Pastor and in accord with the policies of the church.

  When the keeper of the bag in a local New Testament has a spiritual maturity, he will be an asset to the ministry. His solid Christian character and behaviour will encourage church membership to be faithful in their giving and donations. If he exhibits jealousy or greediness then only trouble will result.

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