My list of status blurts:

The Biden administration has suddenly met its ultimate demise proving its idiocy concerning real life.
Our World has entered the Bible Romans 1:17-28 prophecy. Nothing else can better describe its growing hatred of God's standards, or its doing everything inconveniently.
The Biden administration is going full bore to turn the United States into a Socialistic country, and it seems the United States is just sitting back, watching.....
First of June 2021 qnd still no visible, earth shaking events to straignten out the fraud election of 2020 and the swamp seems to be at the same level it was when President Trump said, 'Drain the Swamp!'
The Arizona audit of the Nov. 3, 2020 election should leave no doubt that the election was stolen and given to Joe Biden.
America is getting readied to head off in a entirely different direction. Hopefully to get us back on the course we were intended for.....
Interestingly, the whole world is suffering under the Covid-19 ramifications, yet there are only a few voices stating that maybe we ought to consult God for a remedy......
With Joe Biden being crammed into the President elect title, it is very revealing to watch exactly who joins in the hullabaloo of the pretense......
After watching President accomplish so many of his promises, while undergoing such vicious attack, anyone who is not on board with him, is either mentally blind or is a Democrat in disguise!
We should be more fearful of a government, eager to lock us up in our homes,than a virus that is surrounded by controversies....
A Pastor who considers himself less a sinner than those of his congregation will be less a soul winner also.
A world wide epidemic doesn't cause Christians to look to God for deliverance from the disease, they are hoping to be lifted into the clouds.
You do realize the shepherds and the wise men probably never met.....
Sometimes we need to sharpen our perspectives. Job's wife also lost all her tangible goods as well as her children. Not being as close to God as her husband, she had to be devastated herself.
Jesus not only arose from the tomb and ascended into Heaven, He also literally lives within every born again person. This is why athiests fail to debunk Jesus.
Just reading the Bible systematically is like 'in one ear and out the other.' Jesus says in John 6 that the secret is injesting the Word of God.
A Christian will have a difficult living in this crazy mixed-up world until he realizes that God has turned this world over to a reprobate one. Looking up!
The World will have run its course when God will pull believers out of it, then he will make believers from Israel in 7 years.
Pride is the strongest force originating in the heart,destructive when allowed to reject God.
Christians are falsely led to believe their votes determine the direction of their political powers. Only God can over ride the evil intentions of men.
The overlying reason Christians do not have an effective prayer life is because they think God cannot or will not act on their prayers.
History provides nothing that matches perfectly the times in which we live, hence we acertain that we are truly living in the last times. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.
Christians in the USA have little public opposition. Is this because they are not saying anything or doing anything to raise public opposition......
Washington, DC seems to be a giant gameboard, upon which people with nefarious motives play the game with bloodthirsty energies.
Since lying has become the norm, one would think proof would rise to the occasion, but not so. Society accepts lies as truth.
Christians must continually remind themselves of that familiar hymn, "This world is not my home, I'm just passong through....."
Tried Twitter for a time. Shadow banned, so I am back to my own personal tweeter box. Nobody reads it, but I can still vent....
Every person put on this earth is faced with the question, Why am I here? We usually answer that question with what we do in life. That which put us here will be the judge.....
Stable people are often mocked and ridiculed for their dedication to their convictions and ideals, but they maintain their integrities while the world around them crashes and burns......
A person cannot be a Christian unless they have recognized Christ is the only remedy for their sin.
Who turned down the music? Churches have dismissed their choirs, removed hymnals and placed lyrics on screens.....
The Bible says in Ephesians 6 that, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood." Sometimes it seems it would be easier if we did wrestle against flesh and blood.
We live in perilous times 2 Timothy 2. But, since God's Word warned us, then why should we worry?
The ratio of hermits in our society has risen dramatically in the social media age.
Many Missourians are not aware of the major grapplings in Washington and other politicized factions in America. They will be utterly shocked when the flood gates open.
America is in the throes of determining whether or not our government is of the people.
The Trump campaign promised to build the Wall, now the Democrats took it off the table. Who will win this one?
Most people spend their days at a job. A few are fulfilling their calling in their career. Some times these two individuals can be working side by side.
America sleeps. Corporations are being restructured. Politicians are disappearing. TV is trembling.
The Spirit of Anti-Christ is already here. Debt is the ticket. "App" yourself!
We are never closer to God than when we are asking Him, "Why?"
The world cannot figure out why they cannot have Christmas without Christ....
Democrat politicians should be given credit. They have taken over some of the most distraught cities of the nation......
The members of Congress would do a better job with more harmony if they actually represented their constituents.......
The main difference between true Christians and lost people, is the driving force of the Holy Spirit. He moves in at the Second birth.
Could somebody make a law and establish a fund that would enable flag burners to be shipped to the country of their choice
For some time now, a religion has been forcing itself upon the World's stage with sporadic violence. President Trump is standing up against that force. Yea!
Many Christians attend large Churches to hide from active service in God's work.
Driver-less cars might work if they didn't have to compete with human drivers.....
Anyone who says their religion is their private business, is definately not a Christian. Christians are witnesses unto the uttermost part of the earth.
The World has never been a perfect place, but it was better when men feared what God could do to the soul.
If a merchant refuses to publicize 'Christmas,' Why would we purchase Christmas gifts from them?
Ultimate Catch-22:The longer you live, the older you get!
The worst enemies of the Israelites, in their traverse from Egypt to Canaan, were the Gibeonites and the Moabites; infiltrating!
On watching several Nov.4 Antifa marches, they all are reading the same script. One source.
Lets watch and see how Mueller's charges connect Russia to President Trump?
Hillary is now again saying, "What difference does it make?" when referring to Russian collusion.
Satan is exposing himself all over the place. What better proof that there is a Holy God Almighty.
There are many wrong ways, but only one right way.
The pundits and politicians who insist on replacing the Constitution have been unable to submit the replacement.
Why is there so much hate in the World? We have turned down the Commandment of Jesus Christ about loving one another.
In 1992 Ronald Reagan drew attention to Christopher Columbus 500 year history. He would be shocked at today's attitude.
While the officials & media of Las Vegas are claiming little knowledge of Steven Paddock, the alt-media is discovering much.
The root cause of the Vegas shooting is the decline of the fear of a Holy God, almighty in the World!
Many Preachers use Bible verses to build their personal agendas. Bible preachers allow the verses to build God's agenda.
Virgo and Leo are now in place. Most of our planetary system will linger for a brief moment, then all of the false prognostications fail.
I raised my children on the premise that God is real, the Bible is true and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. They knew I believed it.
75% of the published news is doom, gloom & lies. One has to detach himself from that occasionally. Take a walk.
A lazy Pastor is one of the easiest jobs in the world. A committed Pastor is one of the hardest jobs in the world.
Contrary to popular belief, doctors cannot alleviate all pain. They camouflage most of it.
The promoters of evolution need to take a trip to the high country of Arizona & Utah. Their theories are dashed by the terrain.
It is obvious that the newest generations have no knowledge, respect, nor reverence for our history. Therefore they will repeat it!
Sacramento leaders are planning to pay hoodlums not to kill people. That payroll is destined to grow phenomenally!
Many adults who have grown up from a rebellious youth should apologise to their parents for being right.
Christians must never forget that they are still sinners. That is the best tool for winning others to Christ. He saves sinners!
September 2017
Forced devotions are not real devotions, but rather attempts to comply with peers.
A Church who says they are sole holders of truth, are usually furtherest from truth.
At one pm today, I'm going out in my backyard with my laptop, experience the solar eclipse while watching it live through the internet.
Maybe the violent Antifa and BLM should tear down the statues of Martin Luther King. He preached anti-violence!
Why isn't there laws forbidding protesters from wearing masks when they actively trash neighbourhoods?
Perhaps American military are prepared to intercept NOCO missiles aimed at Guam.
If a wife acts like her husband doesn't love her, he thinks she will think he is lying if he tells her he does love her...
The Globalists will never allow Islam to dominate the world!
Eisenhower warned of the industrial military complex. Now military guys form much of the presidential cabinet.
People will do anything or pay anything for the elusive healthy diagnoses.
A Pastor who seems to be preaching to himself, will be the most convincing.
Our vocabulary is changing. What happened to the words slouchy and modesty?
The Policeman who shot the Australian lady should be fully investigated. This was not accidental.
Perfect Parents require perfect children.
God ordained a certain order in the home. If that order is convoluted, then the home will break down into a center of confusion.
Many Churches know more about the life of their Pastor than they do of the life of Jesus Christ!
When God is not in charge, idiots take charge. Romans 1:18-32
The best way to fight fake news is to cancel the subscription!
Many Christians are expecting Jesus to take them to heaven, but don't want to be identified with Him on Earth. They are ashamed of Him!
Many pastors are content with being president of their religious club, which is following a silly routine.....
America is 241 years old battling against those who still want her to realign with Europe, which is gasping in its own self destruction....
The Democrat Party has survived through its recruitment of Immigtants and other handout seekers. President Trump is reducing those numbers significantly!
It took the Yankees over 150 years to get enough courage and authority to take down Confederate commemorative symbols. In dark nights!
Why isn't Congress working on health care or immigration instead of trying to trap President Trump?
A martyr is someone who loses their life for a cause, not someone who kills their self while murdering others.
Every professing Christian has a compiled view of Jesus Christ. Those who have studiously read the Bible's description of Jesus, know more of Him.
One good reason to know the Bible is to see how God worked in other people's lives and what they did in return.
The best ambassador is one who best represents the one who appoints him, literally standing in the appointer's place, dying to self.
When a suicide bomber kills himself along with other victims, he is showing a psycological or religious persuasion. The source of that persuasion is the real culprit.
According to Scripture, our imagination is not a very healthy tool. All but one use of the term in the Bible, is connected to evil.
What goes round, comes round! Muellor, a Special Investigator into Trump's supposedly Russian collusion, has been exposed himself with colluding with the Russions in 2009.
I do believe there is a relationship in America's decline in morality and America's turning away from God.
Today's Funny story: An African Pastor tries to duplicate Jesus walking on water. Doesn't realize the water was infested with crocodiles. This really happened. May 2017
Notice the fervor of protesters trying to stop President Trump. All the while he is chalking up marvelous accomplishments.
Sadly, many churches of today plan their services for the comfort and convenience of the membership
instead of trying to evangelize the lost.
Many Pastors exchange their priority of calling the lost to lambasting the flock.
When no one is in charge of what is right and wrong, then chaos ensues.
When one enters public life, he must expect critics of every word and action.
Pretty often we read a story of an individual who died, then miracously came back to life with an account of seeing Heaven. Without exception their account bears no resemblance to the Bible account of Heaven and its access. Satan was the first scam artist.
If Barack Husaine Obama were to publicly admit and confess to any of his crimes, then ignorant millenials would be less likely to hit the streets. BLM would have no excuse.
Hell does not have safe spaces.
Many people have the uncanny feeling that they are living a lie. Their problem is that they can not determine what a true life is.
Bible preachers used to warn their listeners of the evils of Disney movies, but that voice was quieted along with the other similar voices.
Why the difference in administrations? Its the difference between a successful business man and a lifetime welfare recipient.
The most heart breaking part of dementia is that they don't know that they don't know!
The theories of life's questions have exponentially grown, but the truth of God's Bible holds and remains true to its facts and predictions.
A person who thinks and acts like an important person, many times, are not all that important!
Tom Brady is showing himself to be a hero, even before the super bowl.
Youtube world is satiated with dire warnings about a mysterious planet like object that supposedly threatens the Earth. The warnings keep being updated month by month....
Democrat appointees who were put into positions by criminal means, will be very difficult to dislodge in the draining of the swamp.
Newspeople who mix in with rioters should be considered to be rioters.
It seems to me that the peocess of vetting Trump's cabinet is only an opportunity for politicians to express their pet agendas.
Just because a person is an expert in one thing, he should never feel or act like he is an expert in everything.
A meeting today, in Paris, could be the most historic meeting of our times.
Those who demand that there be de-population should be at the head of the line....
Rhino's are sneaky. Missouri Governor candidate shot a variety of guns in his canidicy. Wins the race. First order of business is to install gun detectors at the state capitol.
Has anyone else noticed that the Congress is placing more importance on vetting Trump's cabinet than they did on Obama himself?
The Democrat National Committee will not allow the FBI access to their computer systems. Yet, the Obama administration claims Russia hacked the DNC systems.
Representatives from 70 nations will meet in Paris on January 15, 2017. Their ultimate purpose is to force Israel to allow the formation of Palestine as a separate state.
How can the establishment expect to tie Trump with Russia, when most of his intended cabinet are loyal constitutional individuals?
Don't forget. The Democrats voted God out of their party in 2012 at their national convention in Florida.
If you think Moslems are a peaceful people, perhaps you should read a few pages of Sura in their Koran.
If Russia hacked Democrat e-mails, why didn't they tamper with the information contained instead of publishing the ver-batim contents? Nobody is discussing what the e-mails said!
It looks like Obama is doing everything he can to booby-trap the presidency of Donald Trump.
Obama seems to be determined to unilaterally goad Russia into war. What happened to the Senate and Congress?
The government is making it illegal to publically say anything against the government.
Where have I heard that before?
Teens who stomp out of their parents' home in anger and rebellion will find a life of torment and pain.
It is fairly obvious that any church that stands for defined doctrines and standards will not attract an amalgamated crowd.
Wonder how many people would riot in the streets if they knew that their bottled water was drawn from a faucet?
I just watched the elector gatherings for Washington State and Texas. The WA meeting was a joke, while the TX meeting would make any American proud.
If you are wondering who are in the list to be depopulated by 2030, then you are probably in the list.
Trump has legally won the electoral rights to the office of President. Globalists have pushed sanity aside in every way, in order to rob Trump of his rights. It may reach to methods to enact martial law. Be ready, but do not riot!!!
A few days ago Obama notified military staff that they would not have to obey President Trump. I wonder if that order is retroactive?
Obama just charged the CIA to look into the perposed Russian involvement into our voting processes. Shouldn't that be a job for Homeland Security?
Hate speech is actually genetically connected to free speech. They are inseparable without irreparable Consequences.
When one drains the swamp, its not wise to try to salvage flotsum.
China has bought all of the movie production companies. When will we hear that they have bought the major news networks?
Anyone care to detail the differences between the KKK and the BLM?
The main difference between a moderate Moslem and a radical Moslem is that a radical Moslem actually believes the Koran.
It is very deceptive for advertising agencies to depict current same sex marriages equal to traditional ones. There are glaring differences.
As the world turns away from Jesus Christ, it turns toward Satan. There is no neutral ground.
The Youtube world is like a mine field. Many of the videos are idiotic, vulgar, insidious and outright lies. One has to become expert to navigate through the trash.
Preachers should never do things or say things just because they are supposed too!
Interestingly, Hillary has not contested the close election. Could it be that her tampering didn't work, but she dare not open an investigation of the voting machines?
I'm voting, not so much to get someone into office, but to keep someone out of office!
George Soros has personally provided 16 states with his electronic voting machines. Can you guess which states?
If Hillary was arrested now, Obama would simply pardon her and she would continue her goals, so the FBI backed off.
Want to know if it is a man or woman? Look for the adam's apple.
Good and honest reporters do not contnue to grill a person in order to pull out an invalid statement that the reporter demands.
What kind of country would choose a President whose entire public life has been overshadowed with legal improprieties and a questioned lifestyle?
Beware! At least fifty percent of Youtube videos are ficticious. The difficulty is determining which is which.
Worse than the Mafia of the 30's. Washington is riddled with a criminal organization that can only be cleaned up by our votes. Know who you are voting for.
Homeland Security seems to be more focused on Americans than America. Foreign threats are filtering through.
Clintons are preparing to skip the country, leaving Obama to face inditements.
This is not the first time James Comey has gotten the Clintons off the hook. Google Hogan & Hartson Law Firm with Lynch, Comey and Cheryl Mills.
The Globallists are planning some catastrofic event to keep their power in Washington and other world centers; war or even a false space invasion.
Another proof that Fox news is no different from the rest. Fox put a reporter with each of the presidential campaigns. Carl, travelling with Trump, finds fault with Trump at each broadcast. Jennifer, travelling with HRC, is bubbling over with enthusiasm for Hillary.
Oct 2016. Wikileaks just released FOIA documents of the Clinton illegal activities. The media is pointing to the horrible Russians for releasing them, but not one is calling for any investigation of what the documents contain.
What if a sect of many health care people formed a secret club to de-populate earth?
When a parent loses their temper in disciplining a child, they also lose the respect of the child.
There should be a new law made to protect policemen. "If you throw rocks, we will throw bullets..."
Has anyone else noticed. Every four years, the polls shows two candidates running neck and neck to be elected. I have never seen a runaway poll in all my life.....
Many preachers are hypocritical when they press their adherants to be or do things that they themselves are unwilling or incapable of being or doing.....
Hillary is implying her campaign is one of love, yet she just said that around half of Americans are deplorable....
Our faith is strengthened by the fiery darts of the wicked failing in their feeble attempts to distract us from truth...
Donald Trump was dissing his Top Secret meeting, because they tried to convince him that flying saucers are from other worlds...
Its amazing that on this 15th anniversary of 9-11, we are still living under the threat of another attack....
Has it occured to you who remember the 60's, that the flower children and hippies of that generation are now running our country???
There are some simularities between raising a garden and reaising kids. Number one is weeding.
How in the world would a crashing astroid kill all the dinosaurs and leave all other earthly creatures virtually unharmed.
Pastors who do not provide an adequate explanation of the gathering and distribution of Church funds, will have a difficult time raising funds.
Though I have totally disconnected from Facebook, I have found out that I still have friends whom I do not have fear will leave me over one status comment....
Baptist preachers cannot assume their children will naturely follow their footsteps. Jesse James' father was a Baptist preacher.
They say that all politicians are liars. We have one running for President who is leaving no doubt.
The only really important things accomplished are those of eternal value. Just ask the chief architect of the Empire State Building?
Did anyone notice? The outrageous price hike of the EpiPen was a big deal until it was revealed that the owner was a Democeat Senator's daughter. The uproar subsided overnight.
Here is the scenario. Hillary is not indited until after she is elected, but before she is inaugerated. That way Obama can stay in office for another 4 years.
Parents who send their rebellious teens to grandparents for straightening only increase the problem for themselves and now for the grandparents heartache.
Many people are so full of themselves, that they leave little room for anyone else.
Anyone who refuses to let Jesus be God, is destined for a trouble filled life and a tragic end.
Baptist Preachers who often quote evangelical authors, reveal the shallow depth of their Baptist convictions.
Christians should not hate the homosexuals & transgenders, but ought to be deeply concerned about the reason these folk are proliferating. Romans 1:18-32.
The younger generation seems to be accepting Hillary's breaking of laws. I wonder if they would approve abandoning all laws?
When a Church acts like an exclusive club of a certain group, it becomes an exclusive club of a certain group.
Why is there no scientific discussion on the disproportionate difference in the gravitational pull of the various planets, moons and planetoids?
Without a defined line of beliefs and standards, a person is doomed to confusion, compromise and calamity.
A Moslem mother dedicates her child to Allah, and never sees that child again.
A Christian mother dedicates her child to Jesus, and lives the life of a happy grandmother.
Remember the rule. We do not vote for a polititian because of what he or she says!!
As determined, by the world, to disavow Jesus, why haven't they demanded that we replace the calendar? After all it is based on the human existance of his life. Perhaps there is no one smart enough to start a new one....
Any Church that has lost its mission for lost souls, has lost its reason to exist!
We must not forget! Anti-Christ will take over the world in record time. Right now the world is being prepared for that takeover. This is why it is disconcerting. The important thing is to make sure you will not be here for that takeover....
One who lives a questionable life, will always have to answer questions....
Woe to Pastors who try to fake the power or presence of God....
A broken friendship is worse than the death of a friend.....
If we are not allowed to say what we think, will we lose the ability to think?
Having lived in New England and in Northern USA, I have found racial bias runs as deep as purported in the South.....
No person can stand between you and God, unless you allow it!!!
The greatest malady that has affected the world is the lack of the preaching of the Word of God.
I think the younger generations are hooked on electronic gadgets, because they do not know how to operate a pair of pliars....
Why the sudden influx and influence of sexual perversions? Is God's Word correct in Romans 1:18-32?
Remember that when the government offers you something free, somebody paid for it who actually did not want to pay for it.....
The Holy Spirit wants to use the Christian to warn the world of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment. All three must be presented together.
After three or four months without Microsoft Windows, I think I have lost that addiction......
Many preachers act as if their job is to drive men to Christ rather than draw men to Christ......
More and more of us have determined that Facebook is the real world of imagininary friends....
Each individual should have the right to believe what they want to believe while no one should be prohibited from questioning that belief.....
Do the evolutionists have an official statement on why each animal species have uniform characteristics, but the human species vary with each individual?....
The way the world is becoming convoluted, no wonder, those people who do not know the Bible will easily fall in line with the anti-christ!
Can you believe it? London, England just elected a Moslem Mayor and Jerusalem just elected a Palestinian Mayor. What's next?
The average American does not know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. The founders intended for us to be a Republic. In 240 years we have created a democracy, one step away from socialism....
Sadly, the primary driving force of many religions, philosophers, scientists and evolutionists is their drive to eliminate God......
Do the evilutionists have an official statement on why billions and billions of stars are on fire?....
The more that the world rejects God's authority and rules of life the more confused it will become and the more wicked it will become.....
Christians are less likely to win the lost if they pretend to be sinless or forget they are sinners themselves.....
Growing up I understood that a half-breed was some sort of anomaly. In maturity, I learned most of us have come from more than one genetic strain and many brag about that.....
Christians and Churches must not forget! Jesus told us that times would become almost unbearable near the end and we should be looking up, because He will rescue us from the morass through the miraculous rapture....
We wonder why healthcare is becoming so expensive and heartless. Perhaps it is because the world has confiscated hospitals and health institutions and running them, instead of Christianity and Churches....
Arrogance is the key motivation of government welfare programs....
ISIS is the human tool that Satan is using to destroy Christians. They have no idea that they are only strengthening the Christian faith....
The individual is slowly losing his inalienable Rights as the state and federal governments enact anti-discrimitory laws....
Christianity has become so confused that the line has been blurred. Perhaps a good number of 'Christians' need a dose of Salvation....
One thing I learned too late. A Pastor cannot legislate spirituality. He can only set the example and trust the Holy Spirit's work....

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