The Life & Ministry of Stan Metts


June 27, 1938 Born in Hansford County, Texas
Raised in Coleman, County, Texas.
1956 Saved and Baptised at Central Baptist Church in Coleman.
1957 Graduated Coleman High School.
57 -60 Attended and Graduated from the old Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO.
May 27, 1960 Married Wilda Marie Criger.
One Son, Three Daughters all married and have given us 12 grandchildren.
1961 Ordained as Baptist Preacher at Weber Rd. Baptist, Corpus Christi, TX.
Various support ministries from 1961- 1964
May, 1964 Approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship Missionaries to Ethiopia.
Served at Gubre Guracha Mission and Jaranea Mission.
March, 1973 Returned to States.
February, 1974 Started an independent Baptist Church in Shelton, Ct.
Served as founding pastor for 11 years.
July, 1985 Became Assistant Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Macon, MO.
February, 1986 Called as Pastor of Faith Baptist Church.
Serve as Pastor until present.
Served as Sagmount Baptist Camp Committeman 1996 - 1999
Served as Chairman of Sagmount Baptist Camp 1999 - 2006.
January 12, 2014 Resigned as Pastor of FBC. Moved to Springfield, MO. My side
Not retiring, but retrying! Making myself available with a series of 7 messages
on the book of Revelation. I can preach the book in one service, 3 services or 7 services.
Also have the ability to set up a simple webpage for a church where a pastor or concerned member
can maintain.

Life & Ministry Convictions

I believe the Bible to be the absolute preserved Word of God.
I am convinced and believe the King James Version is my Bible.
I believe the God of the Bible is the only true and living God.
I believe God created all things including man according to Genesis.
I believe man is a fallen sinful creature destitute of righteousness.
I believe man is destined for the eternal fires of Hell.
I believe God initiated and is completing a plan of salvation for man.
I believe Jesus, the Son of God and God in the flesh died for man's sin.
I believe there is no other salvation.
I believe Jesus established his Church(s) on himself for perfecting saints.
I believe the best example of Christ's Church is an independent Baptist.
I believe the commission of the Church is to win the lost anywhere & everywhere.
I believe Baptism is an act of obedient faith following salvation.
I believe Christians should be the lights of Jesus Christ.
I believe that Baptists should not be carnal but righteous.
I believe that Jesus will soon receive believers in the clouds.
I believe the earth is headed for 7 years of tribulation.
I believe that Jesus will end the tribulation with a 1000 year reign.
I believe the devil and all unbelievers will wind up in the Lake of Fire.

Ministry Associations

I am a born again believer. I am a Baptist by conviction not circumstance.
I am an independent Baptist Preacher with no strings or compromising ecclesiastical entanglements.
I have pastored and will pastor Baptist Churches only.
I fellowship with preacher's fellowships not conventions.
I Fellowship as long as I do not compromise my standards of Bible, Music or attire.
More Info

I will not send this resume to anyone in search of a job! I am not looking for a job. If God wants me to go somewhere, then he will open the doors and direct my path.
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